Unthinkable Arcs of Oscillation

by Nicholas Webber

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"Encompassed in a luminous cloud, of which he was now merely the fiery heart, without material substance, he swung through unthinkable arcs of oscillation, like a vast pendulum. Then all at once, with terrible suddenness, the light about him shot upward with the noise of a loud splash; a frightful roaring was in his ears, and all was cold and dark."

-Ambrose Bierce


released July 7, 2015

All songs composed, written, performed, and produced by Nicholas Webber.



all rights reserved


Nicholas Webber Lakewood, Colorado

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Track Name: Vigenère (BZYJKBJPYKDM)
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Beneath the Crystal Waves
Light dances in the water;
What music Moonglow makes!

A million dollar statue
Boards an urgent flight afar
Priceless counterfeit paintings,
Normal reactions, stolen car

Is there something that
You're not telling me?

Take the train to Paris,
And catch a cab in Rome
If you ever feel lonely,
Dream of a place called home.
Track Name: Owl Creek Bridge
I bet you thought
The rope snapped
I bet you thought
The water was real

How does it feel?

We're all trying
To get away
Dive in and dodge
The bullets; escape

How does it feel?
It sure feels real

I bet you thought
You'd be a hero
I bet you thought
You'd save the day
I bet you thought
You had nothing to lose,
But you lost everything

Get away,
Swim away!
Washed up in the shallows,
So far from the gallows

Get away,
Swim away!
Do you feel safe?

I'd do anything
For recognition;
To settle my self-glorifying
Based my value on the
Standards of men;
Oh, if I could do it
All over again!
And if it's my life
I'm looking to save,
I'll take that sentiment
To the grave

Do you feel safe?
Track Name: Phase
Drizzly days,
Stuck in this
Transitional phase

Saved for tomorrow
What I put off today
A slave to the safe
Transitional phase

If I'm honest with myself,
The truth is:

The moment
I've been waiting for
Just passed as I
Glanced at the clock
Track Name: Void
I've been fighting myself
And he won't give in;
Ignorant defiance in his
Sinister grin, and my
Iron will has been
Coated in rust
My unrest is the product of
Absence of trust

He's got my voice
And he looks like me, but he's the
Full embodiment of what I
Don't wanna be
I took an uppercut
Right to the chin, but
To my feet I rise;
I won't let him win

I wanna be at peace,
But there's a void inside
Nothing on Earth
Could ever satisfy
I put my trust
In all I could see,
But I couldn't see
I can't depend on me

An imposter's on the loose
And his name is Pride;
In the cold recesses of our
Souls he hides
He's been sitting on the
Throne of my heart,
He's a wretched tyrant; the whole kingdom's
Falling apart

Walk up to the mirror,
Look him right in the eye
It's high time I gave myself
A piece of my mind
This conflict of interest,
This division of soul,
Ensures that, on my own,
I'll never be whole
Track Name: Small Town Reverie
"Hello there, sleepy hometown
Friend, it's been a while
You really haven't changed much,"
I observed with a smile
The mountains are as picturesque
As ever before
And nostalgia is a welcome guest
At my door

The same old trees have
Brand new leaves,
And the road has been
Three coats of paint
Eventually fade with the days
Time, it seems, has
Sprouted wings,
So catch this moment
In a jar
In this fleeting reverie,
I see that
It's been beautiful so far

I came back here to witness
The effects of time firsthand
Calendars and clocks don't make it
Any easier to understand
Because the present touches eternity
And the present is passing by
We've all got to decide
What to do with our time

Shared a sip of coffee
With a kindly local gent;
He wore a crown of splendor
And his aching back was bent
I said, "I blinked, and now it's all gone,"
And at this, his worn eyes lit
With a sagely grin, he said,
"Kid, you don't know the half of it."
Track Name: Epiphany
Staring at a wall,
Waiting for a change
My molecules to disassemble,
My conscience to rearrange

A pebble to fall from heaven;
Perturb this placid pond
Make ripples into motion
Before the verve is gone

Forgive me God,
I'm falling apart
I'm falling apart,
Oh God

The birds, You fed them
The lilies, You gave them clothes
Yet somehow, I still find it so hard
To be still and know

Why is this rest so elusive?
I worry far too much, it's true
The peace that's so painfully absent in me
Can only be found in You

It's clear to me now,
You're the perfection I sought
You're so very good,
and I'm. Just. Not.