by Nicholas Webber

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Written/recorded/produced by Nicholas Webber


released August 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Nicholas Webber Lakewood, Colorado

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Track Name: Skyline
Pull the string
I pull the string
On my parachute
At what I see
From this altitude

By nature bound
To solid ground
I dreamt that I could fly
And falling now
I find myself
At the mercy of the sky

And it's clear that I lack control
And it's clear that I am not my own
And it's true that the skyline keeps changing
So I close my eyes and pull the string

Now the clouds clear
And I can see
How life is suspended
So precariously
No matter where I go
Or happen to be
The horizon runs from me

The canopy
Is over me
The ground approaching fast
Soon I'll drive
The backroad home
And be with you at last

We'll talk about
What it means
To know and be still
And how to live
In a world
That we know never will
Track Name: On Lines Of Light
Lines of red and white
The highway at night
Seat belt tight
Are you alright?

Where are you going
And why so fast?
On the underpass

This is the terminal
This is the break
Departing now with smiles and tears
Take the road that you must take

What is your comfort worth?
Make no mistake
Where lines converge and sky meets earth
(You'll) take the road that you must take
Track Name: Maelstrom
The maelstrom swirls and churns
I'm trapped here as I turn
Watching you drift away
In this whirlpool I will stay

I've seen this place before
I've been here a million times
The familiar vertigo
Pulls me deep into the brine

Leviathan, I see you there
Lurking in the black
With the dawn in your eyelids
And the shields upon your back

Who am I to question One
Who makes such fearsome things,
Who startles all the nations
And shuts the mouths of kings?
Track Name: Brass Collar
Sharpen your pencils
And draw your pens
If words are weapons
We'll see how this ends

Dazzle the masses
It's what we desire
Entertainment is knowledge
Alexandria's on fire

Brass collars
We wear brass collars
(Chain gang with our brass collars)
(Bullheaded with our brass collars)

Don't matter what you say
Don't matter what you do
We the people see
In red and blue

Coin another term
Contrive another claim
Redefine your revision
Rhetorician, play your game

Brass collars
(Chain gang with our brass collars)
(Bullheaded with our brass collars)
(Tie a leash to my brass collar)
(Spinning cogs in our brass collars)
Track Name: Pacific Blue
A flag's raised
At half-mast
Broken mirror
Shards of glass
Waves wash up
Someone new
Eyes drowned in
Pacific blue

Wake up on the shore
I am little
I'm not afraid anymore
I am little
Fountain saltwater eyes
I am little
Mountains reach for the skies
I am little

Called out of dark
Called into light
Track Name: Impostor Syndrome
I want so much
To be honest
And I want so much
For that to be true

I'm sorry for
My lack of contrition
That I don't hurt
When I hurt you

I long for transparency
Tattoo a pulse on my sleeve
But I'm handcuffed to my image
And he's much kinder than me

If they really knew me,
Would they wish they never knew me at all?
If they really saw through me,
They would stand appalled

An impostor walks among you
Frantically stumbling about
He's contriving and plotting each move
So terrified that you'll find him out

Why can't they see him?
It's only a matter of time
Till they pull back the curtain
And reveal the liar's face to be mine

But you, you caught my tears in a bottle
You, you bought me with blood
And somehow you saw it fit to save me
When there was nothing I could do
Track Name: There Came A Whisper
Wind tears the mountains
And shatters the stones
In a cave you hid from them
Afraid and alone

Then came a whisper

Earthquakes roar like thunder
And rend the hills
Fire blazes boldly
But then quiet and still

There came a whisper

קוֹל דְּמָמָה דַקָּה
Track Name: The Thunder Breaks
There's a dog loose in the woods
The field is covered with blood
The first few drops of a storm
That could end this in fire and flood

Friend, we've come so far to find
A place where we can all be safe
Friend, I know you'll be there for me
Even when the thunder breaks

The ceilings are made of bones
Their hearts are hard as stones
Black Rabbit (of Inlé) runs across the yard
Run fast, run hard